No, unlike its cousin plant, THC, CBD does not contain any phycotoxins or intoxicating properties.
CBD may offer an option for anyone looking to help with the management of daily stresses of life, yet they are not intended to treat or cure anxiety. 
We use a CO2 extraction process to obtain our crude oil, then follow with a second HPLC extraction method to remove THC without removing any other beneficial portions of the extract.
All products created by Relive Everyday are legal. Our hemp is grown legally in the United States, meaning that our plants contain 0.3% THC or less to qualify it as hemp. It is federally legal in all 50 states.
The short answer? No.

The legality of CBD across the world is still in the grey area. Most countries have it banned or have strict shipping policies that make it nearly impossible to service outside the US. Until it becomes legal, we will be strictly shipping inside the United States.

If you have more questions on shipping, check out our shipping policy.
The most common potential side effects of hemp-derived CBD products are drowsiness, lethargy, lowered blood pressure, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. Since everyone has different CBD tolerances, we always recommend starting your dose low and working your way up to see what’s best for you. Always consult with your physician before adding any supplement to your health and wellness regimen.
The tinctures are to be placed under the tongue and held there for about one minute and then swallowed. This process is necessary for the oil to be absorbed by the small blood vessels in the mouth, ensuring a faster method of action than absorption through digestion alone.