How to Sell CBD Oil

So, you are ready to jump on the train and begin selling CBD Oil. You may have seen the popularity CBD Oil has gained over the past year, and you also may have noticed the fantastic benefits CBD Oil has on numerous physical and mental conditions. All of your research on CBD oil has paid off, and now you have decided to begin selling the products. Congratulations on finally making this life-changing decision! Your customers, patients or clients will thank you. Now, let’s visit some essential factors on how to sell CBD Oil.
Hemp Derived CBD and Marijuana Derived CBD
Knowing the difference between hemp derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD is crucial. Marijuana-derived CBD allows the body to experience a psychoactive high; thus having a THC level above the legal limit of 0.3%. This percentage of THC is what allows all 50 states to have the availability of hemp-derived CBD via the 2014 Hemp Farm Bill Act. Hemp-derived CBD oil is different in that it does not provide a psychoactive high, but it does aid in producing balance within the body’s endocannabinoid system. When hemp derived CBD Oil is ingested into the body, it allows the body’s receptors to operate at peak performance; hence keeping bodily functions that reside within the central nervous system and central immune system running at a homeostatic environment.
Certificate of Analysis (COA)
A certificate of analysis (COA) is a product specification sheet that shows what exactly is in your CBD oil product. It is essential to have accessibility to a COA in that this is what explains the amount of THC in the product you are purchasing, and whether or not it the legal limit is 0.3% or below. A COA also indicates other significant aspects of a CBD oil product such as strength. Believe it or not, CBD is not the only cannabinoid within a hemp plant. There are other very useful cannabinoids which total over 100 different types. COA’s also show terpenes, residual solvents, and more. You want to be aware of what you are promoting to your beloved consumers, patient or clients, and a COA provides a great way to manage that.
Know the Consumer, Know the Product
Are you a physician in a pain management clinic? Are you a mental health care professional? Or, do you operate a health and wellness store? Knowing your target consumer is powerful because this is what is going to help you move product at the pace you determine what is necessary for your business. For instance, having a patient experiencing pain and anxiety should prompt you to purchase a CBD Oil product that aids in both areas simultaneously. If you are an owner of a health and wellness store where any consumer may buy, it is wise to consider purchasing products that have numerous methods of administering and/or provides benefits for multiple conditions. The different means of delivering CBD Oil can be done sublingually, topically, pill form, vape and beyond. Being aware of your consumer needs and how to apply the correct CBD Oil product to that specific need is dire. Purchasing from a hemp-derived CBD Oil distributor who allows you to have access to education on CBD and on the products you are buying is your gateway to becoming the best CBD Oil Seller.
Where to Find Reputable Products
When you are prepared to purchase CBD Oil products, you need to know where to apply the previous tips mentioned in finding the right CBD Oil distributor. Healthy Hemp Solutions not only gives you access to more than five different CBD Oil brands, but they also provide their customers with COA’s, high-quality CBD Oil products for purchase, and education on both CBD in general and product inventory. Healthy Hemp Solutions also presents their customers with educational literature to supply to their consumers or patients allowing you to sell the products faster with the expertise needed to do so. We also offer a 90-exchange policy which enables you to return an unopened product for a different brand if you feel a specific product isn’t selling at the pace you would like.
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