Our Family Helping Your Family

Healthy Hemp is a family owned business, located in Central Pennsylvania, that believes in helping people feel their best.

The company got started when CEO Amanda Witters’ father witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects of PTSD on veterans. He was so moved, he committed to finding a way to deliver relief to those who were suffering. He found an unexpected answer after watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special on the benefits of CBD oil.

After considerable research and testing, Amanda and her father decided to take the leap and start a business firmly rooted in helping others. Healthy Hemp quickly grew to become the largest distributor of the Stanley Brother’s Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract in the U.S.

Today, Healthy Hemp carries a variety of esteemed hemp extract brands and works diligently to break the negative stigmas that surround the industry and its products every day.

We Value Your Experience

We are tireless in our pursuit of honest and regulated products. With an ever-increasing marketplace, educational information in the hemp industry can be hard to rely on. We provide educational resources and an interactive message board for sharing of all things surrounding hemp extract.

From PTSD to epilepsy, to anxious animals, our growing community of consumers can help you find answers in an unclear market.

Have questions? Just ask! We focus on providing a secure and reliable customer shopping experience for all. With well over a decade of online retail knowledge, we are committed to friendly service and speedy shipping.

We Share Our Stories

Our CEO Amanda Witters works out regularly and maintains a healthy lifestyle. However, she also suffered from migraines several times a week and was experiencing joint pain as a result of lifting weights. Though she admits to being a little skeptical about the effectiveness of CBD oil before she tried it, she now knows the positive impact for herself. “CBD oil has been a game changer for me.” After adding CBD into her daily routine, Amanda’s migraines have gone down to once a month, and she continues to feel noticeable relief from pain and inflammation.

We Focus on Education

We want to help you learn more about bettering your health. Sign up for our Newsletter, or visit our Blog to start learning today!

And although we love to educate, it’s you – our customers – who inspire and teach us every day with your incredible testimonials.

Our Healthy Hemp family looks forward to finding new ways to support you and your family.

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